Your God Code Cannot be Hacked by Parisha Taylor

My business coach and trainer, Parisha Taylor, likes to toss in some quantum physics in her trainings. Physics has taught us that everything is basically energy, and all that man has created began first as a thought. Parisha goes on to describe it this way, “When we make determinations, we build in our field an energy that demonstrates our abilities. So being our word and keeping that trust is necessary to have authority to move MEST. (Matter, Energy, Space and Time). So like any athlete in training, you are in such training to earn that truth of fitness to meet the challenge. Mind will play whatever you want it to do and will create whatever proof you need to be right. It’s neither right nor wrong, it’s just how it goes. But in each of us is the seed of the One that Knows, the moment we lie to ourselves, that truth is present as well. Nothing can exist here without an opposite. So regardless of the denial games of justification, we know. There is an ingrained God code that cannot be hacked!!”


~ Lucille

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