Yes Parisha Taylor, happy and blessed we are…

I am moved to share Parisha Taylor’s post from her Facebook page. With all the beauty and creativity that arises in this season, from all four directions around the globe, it is definitely time to focus our perspective on Humanity. As she says in her post I copied below, we are happy and blessed to have so many reflections and images of God in our midst. It is special that we have brothers and sisters of different skin color, beliefs and interests. Sometimes, it almost feels like there is a movement to foster hatred, rather than love and care for rich variety of cultures Humanity represents.

Tis the season of lights!! I am always happy to learn more, and find it awesome that so many traditions and cultural ways have ran over into other margins and this season is a rich mixture of many people’s way of worshiping the One that is in all things!!
Happy and blessed we are!

~ Kalle


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