Thank You Parisha Taylor for teaching me how to Prune my Neurons

Pruning Hardwired Neurons

I find it fascinating that scientists have discovered that the brain cells or neurons get what is called hardwired from repetitive and redundant use. This is one reason it is such a challenge to change old habits of behavior even when we desire to.

When one views the structure of neurons, it is easy to compare them to the structure of a tree or bush. It is desirable on a regular basis to prune dead and overlapping branches from an old beautiful tree.  Branches as they grow sometimes become very congested and rub against each other to point of damaging the bark. When a branch no longer serves the tree and in fact can impede, it becomes appropriate to cut it off. Now the tree that is left can again breathe freely.

I am so grateful that Parisha Taylor  has taught me strategies and tools for pruning undesirable hardwired neurons and replacing them with neurons reflecting our new and clear intentions of behavior.

~ Jessika

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