Sacred Journeys with Parisha Taylor

I love traveling with my Elder, Parisha Taylor, (Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha). I especially love going with her to special places in nature. Sedona, Arizona is absolutely one of those places. It is widely known for its energy vortices. Parisha shares stories of the Hopi people making pilgrimage there before it became a popular tourist destination. They traveled there on foot over great distances to make ceremony. About, nature, Parisha shares that being with nature sensitizes our perception/feeling. We know we are connected by the feeling of belonging and the acceptance of nature. Our interactions make us an intricate part of the principles that reside in nature. They respond to us; they know us as we know them. It is a trust, heart-to-heart. To move/think from the Center of our being, we must move from the congestion of the cities and mass mind. The mountains, valleys, plains and waters help us to find the atmosphere that brings the solitude, and draws us back to where we began: in nature.

~ Gilbert

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