Parisha Taylor talks about God…


Lots of people talk about God. Few talk in an informed and intelligent way, as one who KNOWS God. My favorite teacher, Parisha Taylor, is one of those people. She is conversant with scientists, government leaders and spiritual teachers. For me, she bridges the gap between science and spirituality, ancient wisdom and modern confusion.  The most important think I want to know is, as Michio Kaku asks in his new book, The Future of the Mind, “Where do we fit in this great cosmic scheme?”

She has the best answer of all:

We are all unique – look at the tips of your fingers on your right hand. No one now living, or has ever lived has the same fingerprint. That is Creator’s signature that you and I are unique and loved – chosen to be here and with purpose.  Whenever I have doubts, I look at my fingertips and remember that I am the only one who can deliver my message.

~ Joseph

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