Let Truth be Your Solid Ground with Parisha Taylor


I don’t make a deliberate effort to keep up with the news of the day, especially the crimes where people are either killed or their lives destroyed to great degrees by the evildoers. It is such an ongoing presence and part of our society. It is a blessing to make it through life without becoming a victim of some deranged person. There probably is some rhyme and reason or karmic balancing with those who acquiesce to being victims, etc. I believe it is important to live intentionally each day, and part of that intent is to strive to do no harm and not allow yourself to become someone’s victim. Instead, to strive to honor yourself and help others, be part of the force for good and strengthen that in our world. I remember my Elder, Parisha Taylor, sharing this statement, “Allow there to be much to be thankful for in your day. Touch others’ lives today in a service that will reward you and them in a good and helpful way. Harm no one and let truth be your solid ground.”

~ Yvonne

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