Learning the Power of Words with Parisha Taylor

Parisha Taylor  has taught me the influence of the words we speak. There are some definite habits necessary to change for anyone serious about developing a new self. Language used for communication is a major area. The common tendency to phrase statements in the negative is one example. In speaking to each other, the common words are often “Do Not …….”. When we preface a statement this way, it is almost automatic that the person we are addressing shuts out the rest of the statement. How different a result we achieve when instead we preface our statement with “Do …..”! Now we are offering a positive suggestion instead of judging and criticizing. Other words we admit to overuse in our society that shut down communication are: should, try, maybe, perhaps, right, wrong, bad, good and on and on.

It takes great concentration to monitor our thoughts and then watch the words we use to express ourselves. The rewards are great when we have success changing the way we communicate by words. Now we find we are actually heard and in many cases appreciated for the manner we communicate.

~ Makayla

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