I Create My Day by Parisha Taylor

“In this day I am joyful, respectful, nurturing, pleasant, kind, and clear-minded. In this day I celebrate my total transformation. My Being is a blessing to all, the source of all things brings into this day. This day I am experienced in my Godly magnificence. In this day I am loyal to all my commitments. In this day I celebrate total success in the ideal of being the ultimate reflection of God. In this day I emanate love to all creation. This day my eyes behold 1,000 beautiful reflections of you in my life. This day I will touch at least 100 sacred objects. In this day I hold myself in high esteem. My laughter, my words, my joy is what I bring to this day. In this day (and list here the “to do” list of all the things that you wish to accomplish).” – Parisha Taylor

~ Gilbert

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