June 2016

Rare Summer Solstice And Full Moon June 20th 2016


Rituals are messages to a greater unseen intelligence that surrounds us in every atom. DO something to acknowledge you know it’s present. Each change of the season is a cyclic spiral of evolution. Are you awake? Aware of the most powerful source that exists because it touches our heart and soul? Physical only as the wind that invisibly shows its presence on all that moves in its wake! Do something that communicates your heartfelt feelings of caring and love to all life. Make it your season!!
All good things…..PaRisHa

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Parisha Taylor teaches me about Life

I wrote the following and published it on Facebook the other day because of what I have learned from Parisha Taylor. Ever since I have met her, she has encouraged me to live the greatness of what God has created. She has taught me that each one of us, alive and on earth, have a gift and a purpose. It is up to us to live it…

Life is living…

For some, suffering and misery have become synonymous with life. That’s exactly where I was. This message is about how I put living back into my life. It is not a miracle that brings life back, it is our own decision, clear and without doubt, that transforms us from victims to victors. I know now that if I am suffering or miserable, I have decided to be a victim to my can’ts and won’ts.

Endurance reality shows are huge right now. We watch normal people, not super heroes, either succeed in winning the prize, or fail in the attempt. The coaches push the competitors to go beyond what their bodies say they can do, until the winners realize, it is all in their heads. Nick told his last standing team member that he is more than just his body. Nick is a highly decorated sniper. He knows that we choose our outcomes by the clarity of our minds, and the strength of our focus, not our bodies. The stronger our hearts, the greater our outcomes.

It has taken me over 3 years to know, really know from the depth of my being, that I am not a cancer victim. I am not a cancer survivor. I am a strong woman with a clear and strong decision that life is good and I am staying. The cancer cells arrived in my body because of my state of mind and self negative thoughts. But it took a near-crisis to wake up my natural will to live.

Recently, I allowed my challenges to start getting the better of me , Physical exertion, respiratory infection, chest pains, exhaustion, labored breathing… every day. Fear started to consume me. I thought about telling people that I was not doing very well and I needed to stay in bed. As soon as the thought of telling people I wasn’t well, gaining their sympathy about the cancer as a reason to go home early, I saw what that would look like. There I was, lying in bed exhausted, a victim, and believing that I was dying; getting weaker by every painful breath.


I said no to that story line. I asked myself, am I acting as a victim? Or am I choosing life? I commanded myself to stand up, sincerely appreciate the opportunity God gave me to breath and assist a project much bigger than myself. I told myself, you go until all is done. My ancestors lived so that I can stand here today. I called ass on the weakness and the pain – outward expressions of my fear. I kept moving and did not care how much I hurt. Today, I am standing. I gave everything I have.

I will die one day, but not because of cancer and not now. Just like those amazing men and women who push themselves beyond all physical challenges, I changed my thoughts and fought back the cancer. I am sharing this with you because no matter what circumstance you are in – you are never a victim. There is always a choice that means life. Make that choice and stand for your God given right to have a beautiful and rewarding life.

~ Mary A. Smith 6.11.16

Message from Ancients and Our inner-self

When we ask then we have the opportunity to hear.

Journaling is a Powerful tool for listening to the inner voice and separating the chatter from the clarity.


Following is a brief example from a person asking questions and writing the

answers that come in journaling.  The start is setting the location, consciously listening to the sounds and recording the sights.  This assists to get you into the present moment.   The writing is then followed by questions from the person and the answers that come to them.

Apricots light illuminates the underside of the clouds while rays of apricot and steel blue radiate in alternating bands up and out from the head land.

Nunda’s (Sun) glowing warmth is coming.

Cool air carries the call of the birds. Currawong’s looping melody and the squawks of the Native Miner. More bird calls are coming in then out. Rainbow lorikeets, sulphur crested cockatoos and Magpie.

Nunda tops the cliff golden magnificence emanating.

Message from the Rune – Self

Look inside in silence for the enemy of progress. Recognise the outer enemy as a reflection of what you have not, until now, been able all willing to recognise as coming from within.
Above all do not give yourself as. Breaking the momentum of past habits is the challenge here.

In the life of Spirit You are always at the beginning.

Question to Observer/Spirit
Which of the past habits shall I start breaking today?

The habit of big-noting yourself. You are divine and magnificence know this in your internal, in every cell, every breath, every smile.
Smile at self-the reflection, and inwards, often.

Who are you needing recognition from?
Of yourself you are seeking this.
To look for reflection from others is to look into a shaded well where there is nothing until you stick your own head over the water.
So put in place the practices of self love and self recognition.

Powerfully you know above all this means be your word.
So let from your mouth that with which you will do.
Look to watch you run from, what do you feel time with in avoidance of other areas. For that is where you must look to the habit to be broken.

Yes relationship with self and thus relationship with others.

We Carry Our Lineages with Us…PaRisHa Taylor


Now is the Springtime  and new life is “busting out all over.”  The feel of the Earth under bare feet while planting a garden awakens a sense of  Timelessness.  Many of my Ancestors surely did just as I am doing. Thanks to their potatoes and onions,  I live. Thanks to all their efforts, all their experiences, all their follies, all their gifts ….I am here today. Further, perhaps our lineages are  traceable beyond the earth to   a more ethereal existence, and our Ancient forebears gifted us with Wisdoms that transcend Earthy experiences.

The importance and impact of our lineages is not to be underestimated.  As Parisha Taylor  has said: “The seeds of the Ancients are in our DNA and have subconscious outcome in our thinking and are visible in our life. We can have awareness of this in many ways. Original spiritual wisdom is timeless and will come to be the answers to our very survival in this time.”