January 2015


Your God Code Cannot be Hacked by Parisha Taylor

My business coach and trainer, Parisha Taylor, likes to toss in some quantum physics in her trainings. Physics has taught us that everything is basically energy, and all that man has created began first as a thought. Parisha goes on to describe it this way, “When we make determinations, we build in our field an energy that demonstrates our abilities. So being our word and keeping that trust is necessary to have authority to move MEST. (Matter, Energy, Space and Time). So like any athlete in training, you are in such training to earn that truth of fitness to meet the challenge. Mind will play whatever you want it to do and will create whatever proof you need to be right. It’s neither right nor wrong, it’s just how it goes. But in each of us is the seed of the One that Knows, the moment we lie to ourselves, that truth is present as well. Nothing can exist here without an opposite. So regardless of the denial games of justification, we know. There is an ingrained God code that cannot be hacked!!”


~ Lucille


Sacred Journeys with Parisha Taylor

I love traveling with my Elder, Parisha Taylor, (Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha). I especially love going with her to special places in nature. Sedona, Arizona is absolutely one of those places. It is widely known for its energy vortices. Parisha shares stories of the Hopi people making pilgrimage there before it became a popular tourist destination. They traveled there on foot over great distances to make ceremony. About, nature, Parisha shares that being with nature sensitizes our perception/feeling. We know we are connected by the feeling of belonging and the acceptance of nature. Our interactions make us an intricate part of the principles that reside in nature. They respond to us; they know us as we know them. It is a trust, heart-to-heart. To move/think from the Center of our being, we must move from the congestion of the cities and mass mind. The mountains, valleys, plains and waters help us to find the atmosphere that brings the solitude, and draws us back to where we began: in nature.

~ Gilbert


Yes We Are Evolving and Awakening Says Parisha Taylor

I am not alone in feeling intense, imminent changes happening on a global scale. It does very much feel like a quickening. Either we will evolve to the next evolutionary level or cause mass destruction. Many years ago, my Elder, Parisha Taylor, (Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha) shared that through our collective consciousness, we are moving to lift the veil of doubt and to live as awakened Children of God. We, the Human Race, have been in Earth for eons now, and we have come to love our human form and life to the point we have lost sight of our origins and purpose. We tend to avoid change but we continue to pursue truth and desire to know the big picture. We are more educated today than all the generations before us, but we have succeeded in denying our core essence, our inner self, our Spirit, our divinity. It is an exciting time to be in the Earth.

~ Rufus


Parisha Taylor – Freedom through the mind

Parisha Taylor  says you have a choice to buy into limitations.

Feeling trapped or limited is only a figment of your imagination?

Since the imaginal realm is that which creates and forms your experience in time and space you might just want to check your thoughts to see what thoughts are happening, yes happening, within your mind space. Thoughts are a dynamic movement of energy emanating into the quantum field that assigns purpose and intent to matter and energy.

~ Charlie


You are Who and What You Have Been Praying For with Parisha Taylor

Recently, my Elder, Parisha Taylor, was asked about the masses of people in the world that live lives of mediocrity, following the dictates of those in control with little or no self-determinism. Parisha responded by saying that if you have put no intent in place, you are clearly not in control; something else is!! The powers present have a strong determination to control and resolve life as a field of limitless possibilities, and to destroy choice. The game is on, and in the field of duality, you have to choose because each of us has free will. It is all intelligent and intentional. It’s all principles of nature. So there is no Source to turn to other than the God Within. You are who and what you are praying for and hoping to find grace. It’s all you beloved children of God!!

~ Gilbert


Parisha Taylor – What does the field see?

In working with Parisha Taylor  I have thought of what the Quantum field “sees”. It must not only see the one thought when you purposefully and consciously send your intent. It has to “see” you as a magnetic emanation, you are emanating as a whole being through time, the emanation is comprised of many thoughts and frequencies. If you, as an emanating field, are contradictory in messages, the field will dismiss the message as confused, dissonant. If the Quantum field is intelligence, it would treat us as we would a child who draws a crayon blueprint of a house and asks us to build it, we want to help the child, but they are not providing a clear picture or a complete understanding of what they want.

~ Lorraine


Parisha Taylor – Appreciation

In working with Parisha Taylor  I have learned about appreciation

Appreciation means “an ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something”. Look at everything with intent to appreciate and you see value. Appreciation is an action, it is something you may do naturally with some things but more can always be given. As you appreciate, the greatness in things become apparent, small things become sacred, you become aware of love, caring, support.

~ Lorraine


Material Success Allows you to Concentrate on Other Things with Parisha Taylor

My business coach, Parisha Taylor, is acknowledged as a very esteemed spiritual Elder by peoples on all continents. One may wonder why such a spiritual person is so engaged in teaching and coaching others to achieve wealth and financial success. She is a global humanitarian. She sees no virtue in poverty. The words of Oprah Winfrey that I came across today reflect very much the belief or philosophy I get from Parisha. “What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter. And that is being able to make a difference, not only in your own life, but in other people’s lives.” –Oprah Winfrey

~ Ella


We Each Have Individual Value by Parisha Taylor

My Elder, Parisha Taylor, was asked about how much division there is amongst people, even among people of the same faith or race. She responded by saying that “Accepting that Creator/God loves us all equally, that we have individual value and purpose for being born here in body, and we accept proof of that in realization of our fingerprint being one of a kind, then we focus on self discovery. With intelligent intent, we each were commanded to BE, then embodiment began as circumstances were set up for our conception and birth. Finding our code is knowing what particular service each has to give. You are important enough to be sent forward and could not exist without intent. God’s intent. There is no other reason to be in body.”

~ Ella


Let Truth be Your Solid Ground with Parisha Taylor


I don’t make a deliberate effort to keep up with the news of the day, especially the crimes where people are either killed or their lives destroyed to great degrees by the evildoers. It is such an ongoing presence and part of our society. It is a blessing to make it through life without becoming a victim of some deranged person. There probably is some rhyme and reason or karmic balancing with those who acquiesce to being victims, etc. I believe it is important to live intentionally each day, and part of that intent is to strive to do no harm and not allow yourself to become someone’s victim. Instead, to strive to honor yourself and help others, be part of the force for good and strengthen that in our world. I remember my Elder, Parisha Taylor, sharing this statement, “Allow there to be much to be thankful for in your day. Touch others’ lives today in a service that will reward you and them in a good and helpful way. Harm no one and let truth be your solid ground.”

~ Yvonne