January 2015


Take ‘Because’ Out of Your Vocabulary Advises Parisha Taylor

My business coach, Parisha Taylor, talks about hearing the desperation in people when they are talking about their businesses, in discussing the economy, and the problems they feel we are in as a country. Then she hears the explanations they give and the blaming they do — that it’s because of this and that and this. Parisha says, “I truly have lived my life in cause, meaning I stand in cause with everything that my life is. There is no ‘because.’ And there’s no one to point the finger at and no one to blame. I own and have the consequences of all my decisions.” Very interesting and enlightening to consider not having the word ‘because’ in one’s vocabulary.

~ Gilbert


Parisha Taylor on Being a Stable Source of Calm for Others

I am reading in my Facebook groups many posts where people are reaching out to others for prayers and emotional support for some really trying circumstances in their life. My Elder, Parisha Taylor, has told countless stories of maintaining calm and balance when people around her (and proclaimed spiritual people at that) had absolutely lost it. (i.e., being in an earthquake in California, for example). She has taught us to hold our focus and know we stand on sacred ground. A good affirmation is, “I am existing in the place of calm.” From that space, we are able to be a stable source for others to regain their calm.

~ Ella


A Clear Vision of What You Want Says Parisha Taylor

There is a saying — if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. My Elder, Parisha Taylor, who does a lot of business and life coaching, emphasizes so much the importance of having a very clear vision of what you want, so much so, that you need to see it, feel it, hear it, taste it, i.e., engage all of your senses. We are Co-Creators. Image it into being and hold your focus so the atoms and molecules know how to assemble themselves for you. Just maintain your focus on where you are going and how it will be when you get there.

~ Yvonne


Take Control of Your Own Mind Talk Says Parisha Taylor

I was listening recently to an interview Anderson Cooper did with a meditation master, Jon Kabat-Zinn, who is credited with initiating the Mindfulness Movement in the U.S. JK-Z acknowledged how the mind is incessant with its chatter, but that you learn to just be a passive observer and don’t engage and get caught up in all that. This mirrors what my business coach and Elder, Parisha Taylor, teaches us. She encourages us to ask, “Who’s talking?” A lot of what passes through your mind isn’t yours! Let it be you talking to your own mind. She says that you have to come where you talk to your mind enough, where you take control.

~ Gilbert


Parisha Taylor says You Live Where You Think

A lot of people teach these days that “energy follows thought.” My Elder, Parisha Taylor, is always saying, “You live where you think.” Even the Buddha is quoted as saying, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” If one considers that every thought has a frequency and that particular frequency is matching up with and attracting similar frequencies, you draw to yourself the circumstances that match your thoughts. It follows then, as my Elder reminds us, that there is no one “out there” to blame for your circumstances, just change your thinking.

~ Yvonne


Parisha Taylor – How many seconds do we consciously create within?

In working with Parisha Taylor  I have thought …

How much of the time that we are living our life, during our regular day to day mode, are we focused and on track with our thoughts being in alignment with what we sit down and consciously emit to the quantum field, as we try to create? Every moment is a transmission with an exact pattern of frequency, mathematically exact. We send a letter, energetically, in every one of the 86400 seconds in a day, like it or not, good times and bad. What do the letters say when they reach the quantum fields mail box?

~ Stephen


Be a Light Bearer Explains Parisha Taylor

My Elder, Parisha Taylor, is a global humanitarian. She sees all life as sacred and has committed herself to a life of service. Her reach is quite expansive. She teaches us that we live in a field of duality. That we would not know good if there was not evil. There must be a lot of good going on at present, because there certainly is a lot of evil. In particular, atrocities towards other humans. What can we do to help? Be determined to be of service, help others, bring light, ease suffering, so the darkness does not get an upper hand. Since we are in essence truly energy, and sacred beings, every good act and intention counts and helps in some way.

~ Lucille


Through Unity We Can Build by Parisha Taylor

My Elder and coach, Parisha Taylor  is often asking us “How can we make a difference? Scripture and science say to be inclusive and through unity we can build; through separation and singly, we destroy. Matthew, in the Bible, says where two or more gather, I AM. When two atoms group, they merge and create a molecule that is a field of information that comes of their merging. They are the principle of Three; in the beginning there is one, then there are two, and then the two become three and from the three become all things.” I so appreciate seeing the complimentary relationship of spirituality and science.

~ Lucille


Parisha Taylor’s Student on the Medical Benefits of Meditation

A friend of mine is a medical doctor and also a student of Parisha Taylor. He is very practiced in certain kinds of meditation. Aside from the psychological and spiritual benefits one obtains from the practice of meditation, as a doctor, he gave a friend who recently had bypass surgery, information on the benefits of meditation from a medical perspective. In his doctor-speak, he told this person that simple meditation techniques assist to stimulate the Relaxation Response, to increase coronary blood flow, induce production of potent vaso-dilators, to decrease blood pressure, to upregulate protective gene expression and decreasing cellular metabolism to form a crucial component of any self-healing programs following heart disease. Sounds good to me.

~ Ella



The Circle of Life with Parisha Taylor

My Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha (Parisha Taylor) tells us that, “Life is a cycle, a cycle is a circle, and in the circle, all returns to where it began. In her Cherokee upbringing, the way of the circle was so central to everything they did. They counseled sitting in a circle. The Medicine Wheel is a central focus for them, and they determined their place at every moment by where they are positioned in the circle. And directly across the circle from you, was your opposite. This is the way of balance and harmony. It is a good way and is in harmony with Nature.

~ Lucille